Location Drawing vs Boundary/Stake Survey

What is involved and what am I getting with a "Location Drawing"?

One of our crews will make a trip out to your property, however, they are only there to gather data and information.

They do not set or mark any property lines while there, they are there to draw, measure and locate all improvements observed on the subject property - as quickly as possible.

This data is brought back to our office and is entered into our computers along with the information we obtain from the county land records. The end product is a "Location Drawing/Plat" of your property and the "visible improvements".

This survey is used by Title Companies and Lenders for real estate transactions and by contractors and property owners for permits for things such as decks and sheds.

It does fall under the "SITE PLAN" umbrella that some government agencies refer to, however, there are dozens and dozens of "SITE PLANS" , this is just one and may or may not be all that is required for your permit.

Please feel free to print out a copy of one of our Location Drawings or contact us and we will email you one and verify with the appropriate agency that it is all that is needed.

A "Location Drawing" should NEVER be used or relied upon to determine or establish PROPERTY BOUNDARY LINES or to put up FENCES.

It is simply "a drawing that shows the approximate location of the improvements on your property in relation to your property lines"

This process usually takes 2-3 business days to complete.

What is involved and what am I getting with a "Boundary/Stake Survey"?
A "Boundary/Stake Survey" WILL determine and establish the property boundaries. It requires 2 trips to the property, the first trip is very similar to the trip made for a "Location Drawing" and will only be for gathering data. It is much more time consuming and thorough, we look for all of the subject properties survey markers as well as additional markers on surrounding and neighboring properties. The data will then be entered into our computers to determine where the subject property corners are to be set. The crew will then return to the property and set the markers. There will be an Iron pipe flush with the ground with a 2 foot tall wood stake at every corner with bright blue flagging. This survey also includes a "plat", that will show the boundary lines, improvements and markers set. If additional stakes are needed along property lines, our standard fee is $250 for up to 10 additional stakes.

This process usually takes 2-3 weeks to complete.
NOTE: You can "UPGRADE" your Location Drawing to a Boundary/Stake Survey for one year from the date of your Location Drawing and receive a "full" credit for any monies paid to us for the Location Drawing.