Current Specials

Our current survey specials, i.e., location surveys, boundary surveys, flood elevations, plat surveys, permit surveys, fence surveys, etc., for customers, real estate agents, and title companies in Maryland.

Title Company Special: If you work for a title company we will do your personal "Location Drawing" for FREE!! & "Boundary Survey" at cost!

As Always - NO Rush Fees and NO Cancellation Fees for Title Companies ordering "Location Drawings"
Individual Special: (this is for private individuals, NOT title companies, contractors, investors etc)

Prior Clients: If we have performed a personal "Location Drawing" for YOU, on YOUR property You can "upgrade" that survey to a "Boundary/Stake Survey" and receive A 100% credit for monies we received for the "Location Drawing" for 1 (one) year from the date of your "Location Drawing"

If it has been more than a year, but we HAVE been paid to perform a "survey" for YOU, we will give you a $50 credit towards any future survey.